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Mystery of a Witch by Clover Danos

About the Author

Clover Danos grew up in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She started writing stories at a young age, inspired by the natural beauty of the Ozarks, the creative atmosphere of her hometown, and many days spent reading at the fantastic local public library. She's currently studying English and Creative Writing at Dartmouth College.

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About Mystery of a Witch

The story follows Sorrel, a blind fox and witch who seeks to heal pain and sorrow from afar. However, her benevolent intentions are often misjudged by her superstitious neighbors in the forest near her home. Her increasingly harsh reception pushes her to become elusive and separated from those unappreciative souls she helps. Sorrel's life is changed forever when a mysterious man, calling himself The Healer, makes a visit to her den, bringing with him new friendship, old enemies, and a rousing adventure.

As Sorrel traverses the strange, fantastical world she had all but isolated herself from, she begins to realize that there are pieces of her own past that are shrouded in mystery. Joined in her quest by new animal friends--including a young raccoon, a peregrine, and a unicorn--she struggles to unravel the enigmas of her past and determine what kind of witch she will be in the future. Mystery of a Witch is a young adult fantasy novel with curses, crumbling castles, magical battles, a dragon fight, and time travel.

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